About Me.


You tell me to quiet down ’cause

my opinions make me less beautiful

but I was not made with a fire in my belly

so I could be put out

I was not made with a lightness in my tongue

so I could be easy to swallow

I was made heavy

half blade half silk

difficult to forget about

not easy for the mind to follow.

-Rupi Kaur.


One thought on “About Me.

  1. Greetings fellow blogger! I have initiated a challenge called the ‘3 days, 3 poems’ challenge. It is, of course, similar to the ‘3 days, 3 quotes challenge’, where the nominees are expected to post 3 different quotes on 3 consecutive days. Here too, nominees shall post 3 different poems (could be own, or favourite ones written by other poets. Doesn’t matter, only requirement is all poetry must be accredited unless anonymous) for 3 days consecutively.

    You are, of course, one of the 3 nominees for the challenge. So, I expect you to kindly complete the challenge by enlightening the world with 3 poems!


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